China Bearings Tires Nominated Supplier in Beijing

China Bearings Tires Nominated Supplier in Beijing

Beijing JiaNengyuan International Trading Co., Ltd is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of tyres. We are primarily comprised of two factories that manufacture OTR (off-the-road) radial and bias tires, truck and bus tyres, passenger car tyres, light truck tyres, industry tyres and agricultural tyres.  kaiyang_000(AT) 86-13269832656

23.1-26 tractor tyres

20.8-38 Tractor tyres

20.8-38 Tractor tyre

16.9-38 Agricultural tyres

16.9-30 forestry tyres

15.5-38 tractor tires

11.2-38 Agricultural tires

9.5-24 Agricultural tyres

16.9-28 Tractor tyres

28L-26 Agricultural tyres

19.5L-24 Agricultural tyres

750-16 Agricultural tyres

30.5L-32 Logging tyres

11L-15 Agricultural tires

9.5L-15 Agricultural tires

Irrigation tires

620/70-26 forest tyres

 24.5-32 agricultural tyres

11-32 agricultural tyres

31×15.50-15 agricultural tyres

16.5Lx16.1 agricultural tires

550-60-22.5 farm tyres

400/60-15.5 farm tires



10.00-20-14 TT G1/L4S
10.00-20-14 TT G2/L3
12.00-20-16 TT G1/L5S
12.00-20-20 TT G1/L5S
12.00-24-16 TT G1/L5S
12.00-24-20 TT G1/L5S
12.00-24-18 TT Q7
13-20-16 TT Q10
13.00-24-12 TL G13/L2
13.00-24-14 TL G13/L2
13.00-24-16 TL G13/L2
13.00-25-28 TT G6/E3
14.00-20-16 TT Q10
14.00-20-20 TT Q10
14.00-20-24 TT Q10
14.00-20-20 TT G2/L3
14.00-24-16 TT G12/L3
14.00-24-16 TL G12/L3
14.00-24-24 TT G5/E3
14.00-24-24 TT G1/L5S
14.00-24-28 TT G5,G12/E3
14.00-24-32 TT G5.G12/E3
14.00-24-36 TT G5,G12/E3
16.00-24-16 TL G12/L3
16.00-25-28 TT G4/E4
16.00-25-28 TT G12/E3
16.00-25-28 TL G12/E3
16/70-20-10 TT G16/L3
16/70-20-14 TT G16/L3
14.00-24-12 TL G13/L2
15.5-25-12 TT G13/L2
15.5-25-12 TL G13/L2
15.5-25-16 TT G13/L2
15.5-25-16 TL G13/L2
15.5-25-12 TT G12/L3
15.5-25-12 TL G12/L3
15.5-25-16 TT G12/L3
15.5-25-16 TL G12/L3
17.5-25-12 TL G13/L2
17.5-25-16 TL G13/L2
17.5-25-12 TT G12,G26/L3
17.5-25-12 TL G12,G26/L3
17.5-25-14 TT G1/L5S
17.5-25-16 TT G12,G26/L3
17.5-25-16 TL G12,G26/L3
17.5-25-20 TL G12,G26/L3
18.00-24-20 TT G9/L3
18-22.5-18 TL Q4
18-22.5-20 TL Q4
18.00-25-28 TT G10/E3
18.00-25-32 TT G10/E3
18.00-25-32 TL G10/E3
18.00-25-36 TT G10/E3
18.00-25-40 TL G2/L2
18.00-25-32 TT G12/E4
18.00-25-32 TL G12/E4
18.00-25-36 TL G12/E4
18.00-25-40 TL G12/E4
20.5-25-12 TL G28/L2 GENERAL
20.5-25-12 TL G13/L2
20.5-25-16 TL G13/L2
20.5-25-20 TL G13/L2
20.5-25-16 TT G14,G3,G26/L3
20.5-25-20 TT G14,G3,G26/L3
20.5-25-16 TL G14,G3,G26/L3
20.5-25-20 TL G14,G3,G26/L3
20.5-25-16 TL G24/L5
20.5-25-20 TL G24/L5
23.1-26-8 TT R3
23.1-26-8 TL R3
23.1-26-12 TT R3
23.1-26-8 TT G23
23.1-26-12 TL G23
23.1-26-12 TT G23
23.1-26-14 TL G23
23.5-25-12 TL G13/L2
23.5-25-16 TL G13/L2
23.5-25-20 TL G13/L2
23.5-25-16 TT G15,G12,G26/L3
23.5-25-16 TL G15,G12,G26/L3
23.5-25-20 TT G15,G12,G26/L3
23.5-25-24 TT G12/L3
23.5-25-20 TL G15,G12,G26/L3
23.5-25-24 TL G12/L3
23.5-25-16 TL G24/L5
23.5-25-20 TL G24/L5
23.5-25-24 TL G24/L5
12.00-24-24 TT G31-E4
14.00-24-28 TT G31-E4
16.00-25-32 TL G12-E3
18.00-25-40 TL G30-E4
21.00-25-36 TL G12-E3
18.00-33-40 TL G30-E4
26.5-25-20 TL G12/L3
26.5-25-28 TL G12/L3
17.5-25-20 TL G1/L5S
18.00-25-32 TL G1/L5S
26.5-25-20 TL G12/L4
26.5-25-24 TL G12/L4
26.5-25-28 TL G12/L4
26.5-25-32 TL G-1/L5S
26.5-25-32 TL G24/L5
18.00-33-32 TL G4/E4
26.5-29-26 TL G15/L3
29.5-25-28 TL G3/L3
29.5-25-34 TL G-1/L5S
29.5-25-28 TL G24/L5
29.5-29-40 TL G1/L5S
29.5-29-28 TL G12/L4
29.5-29-34 TL G12/L4
29.5-29-34 TL G12,G26/L3
37.25-35-36 TL G12,G26/L3
21.00-33-32 TT G12/E4
21.00-33-36 TL G12/E4
21.00-35-36 TL G11/E4
24.00-35-42 TL G12/E3
24.00-35-42 TL G4/E4
27.00-49-48 TL G4/E4
30.00-51-52 TL G4/E4
35/65-33-30 TL G24/L4
35/65-33-32 TL G24/L4
35/65-33-30 TL G25/L5
45/65-45-58 TL G24/L5
36.00-51-58 TL G4/E4
16.00-20-16 TT G7/E7
18-20-14 TT G18/E7
20-20-16 TT G18/E7
22-20-14 TL G7/E7
24-21-16 TL G20/E7
29.5-25-28 TL G18/E7
66X43.00-25-10 TL G19
66X43.00-25-12 TL G19
Radial OTR  
14.00R25 *** A2235 /E-2
17.5R25 ** A2233 /L-5
23.5R25 ** A2239 /L-5
20.5R25* A2236/L-3
20.5R25** A2236/E-3
23.5R25 * A2236/L-3
23.5R25 ** A2236/E-3
23.5R25 ** A2237/E-3D
16.00R25 ** A2235/E-2
26.5R25** A2237/E-3D
18.00R33 ** A2238/E-4
29.5R25 ** A2237/E-3D/L3D
8.25R15-18 TT HN203,HN230+
10.00R15-18 TT HN203,HN230+
7.00R16-12 TT HN08
7.50R16-14 TT HN08,HN267
8.25R16-14 TT HN08,09,267
8.25R16-16 TT HN08
8.25R20-14 TT HN06
8.25R20-16 TT HN06
9.00R20-14 TT HN06,HN08
9.00R20-16 TT HN06,HN07,08,09
10.00R20-16 TT HN06,HN07,08,09,229,259,253
10.00R20-16 TT HN306,HN353
11.00R20-16 TT HN08,HN09,259,253,229
11.00R20-18 TT HN08,HN09,259,253,229
11.00R20-16 TT HN233
11.00R20-18 TT HN233
11.00R20-16 TT HN365,353,324,306
12.00R20-18 TT HN08
12.00R20-18 TT HN09
12.00R20-18 TT HN10
12.00R20-18 TT HN353,229,259,253
12.00R24-18 TT HN08
12.00R24-18 TT HN353
11R22.5-14 TL HN206 06 07 08 208 257
11R22.5-16 TL HN206 06 07 08 208 257 266
11R22.5-14 TL HN808
11R22.5-16 TL HN808
11R22.5-14 TL HN306,308+ 357 353
11R22.5-16 TL HN306,308+ 357 353
11R22.5-14 TL HN355 596
11R22.5-16 TL HN355 596
11R24.5-14 TL HN08,208+,206 257
11R24.5-16 TL HN08,208+,206 257
11R24.5-14 TL HN306 308+ 327 353
11R24.5-16 TL HN306 308+ 327 353
11R24.5-14 TL HN808
11R24.5-16 TL HN808
11R24.5-14 TL HN596 355
11R24.5-16 TL HN596 355
12R22.5-16 TL HN355,306,324
12R22.5-16 TL HN353
12R22.5-16 TL HN08 256 233
12R22.5-18 TL HN306,324
12R22.5-18 TL HN353
12R22.5-18 TL HN08 257 233
13R22.5-18 TL HN253
13R22.5-18 TL HN353
13R22.5-18 TL HN10
13R22.5-18 TL HN352
205/75R17.5-14 HN202
205/75R17.5-14 HN309
215/75R17.5-16 HN309
215/75R17.5-18/16 HN235,HN826+
225/75R17.5-16 HN202
225/75R17.5-16 HN309
225/70R19.5-14 HN366+
225/70R19.5-14 HN828+
235/75R17.5-18/16 HN235,HN826+
235/75R17.5-16 HN309
245/70R17.5-16 HN202
245/70R17.5-16 HN806/805
245/70R17.5-16 HN309
245/70R19.5-16 HN366+
245/70R19.5-16 HN828+
255/70R22.5-16 TL HN230+,HN257
255/70R22.5-16 TL HN355
255/70R22.5-16 TL HN328+/HN228
265/70R19.5-16 TL HN256,805,806
275/70R22.5-18 TL HN230+/HN257
275/70R22.5-18 TL HN355
275/70R22.5-18 TL HN228
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN06,208+
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN306
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN308+
285/70R19.5-16 TL HN257
285/70R19.5-16 TL HN309
285/70R19.5-18 TL HN805
285/70R19.5-18 TL HN806
315/60R22.5-20 TL HN227
315/60R22.5-20 TL HN359
315/70R22.5-18 TL HN252
315/70R22.5-18 TL HN257
315/70R22.5-18 TL HN355
315/70R22.5-18 TL HN359
12R24.5-18 TL HN08 325
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN06,HN267
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN308+
275/80R22.5-16 TL HN306
295/60R22.5-18 TL HN257
295/60R22.5-18 TL HN355
295/80R22.5-16 HN257
295/80R22.5-18 HN257
295/80R22.5-16 HN355
295/80R22.5-18 HN355
295/80R22.5-18 HN252
295/80R22.5-18 HN359
315/80R22.5-16 HN257
315/80R22.5-18 HN257/266
315/80R22.5-20 HN257/266
315/80R22.5-16 HN353
315/80R22.5-18 HN353
315/80R22.5-20 HN353
315/80R22.5-16 HN355
315/80R22.5-18 HN355
315/80R22.5-20 HN355
315/80R22.5-18 HN08
315/80R22.5-20 HN08
315/80R22.5-18 HN352
315/80R22.5-18 HN252
315/80R22.5-18 HN359
315/80R22.5-18 HN254
295/75R22.5-14 HN06,208+
295/75R22.5-14 HN306,308+
295/75R22.5-14 HN808
285/75R24.5-14 HN06,208+
285/75R24.5-14 HN306,308+
285/75R24.5-14 HN808
385/55R22.5-20 HN809/805
385/55R19.5-18 HN809
385/65R22.5-18 HN207/805,
385/65R22.5-18 HN228
385/65R22.5-18 HN809
385/65R22.5-20 HN207/805
425/65R22.5-20 TL HN805,HN207,228
445/65R22.5-20 TL HN805/207/ 228
275/70R22.5-18 TL HN226
295/80R22.5-18 HN226
11R22.5-16 TL HN226



About bearings007

i am a handsome boy living in Beijing Beijing JiaNengyuan International Trading Co., Ltd .We supply bearings FAG NSK TIMKEN Bearings NTN KOYO INA and all kinds of tires including wind ,wind power, TBR, LTR, PCR, OTR etc. We have our brand "FEN RIVER" well developed and exported for years contact: kaiyang_000(at)
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